Monday, August 31, 2009

Lake Havasu City and Viva la Gente!!! Leon, Mexico!!

What an amazing last week i have had! It all started in the beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona! With a nice temp of 117degrees F! Whew....i couldnt stand outside for more than two minutes without getting sweaty!!!!! It was such an experience though, i had never been to Lake Havasu! My host parents were simply amazing!!! Dawn and Eric Larsen, i enjoyed them so much and i found that i got extremely close to them in our stay in LHC. They had an outdoor swimming pool so me and my roommate Lima spent a lot of time outside at night, it was so awesome! I loved every minute of it! One night they took us out on the lake with their boat! It was so beautful!!!! i cant wait to go back and visit them when i come home. Eric is a carpenter and i had the honor of getting to sleep in the bed that was in the wall!!! haha it was so cool!!! You just pulled it down and it made the bed, not to mention it was soooo comfy!! =) I was so sad to leave them, they treated me and Lima like their own daughters and i feel so extremely blessed to have crossed paths with them! Its a forever long friendship!!! We perfomed two shows in Lake Havasu, it was so much fun and also our last city/show of the US part of our tour so we had to make it extra special!!! I didnt feel too good on friday and saturday---the nights of our show, but i stuck it out and im all recovered now i just have a really weird congested cough. Its going away slowly!!! Anyway then we ended our time in Lake Havasu and headed for the Phoenix airport on Sunday morning at 6am!!! We arrived at the airport around 10 and boarded our plane at 3! We flew to Heramosia and from there we got off the plane and went through immigration and got Back Onto the plane and flew to Mexico City! we flew in at night and i have got to say that it was one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen in my entire life. My breath was literally taken away whenever i opened my window of the plane and looked down at Mexico City! It was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the lights!!!! I think it is classified as the largest city in the world with over 25million people there! It was nuts!!! So once we got off the airplane we went through customs and saw Armando and Seli waiting for us and cameras all around taking our pictures, we were welcomed by a huge banner that read VIVA LA GENTE!!! It was awesome! Out of all the excitement i ran to my bag to grab my camera was nowhere to be found! THEN i remembered that when i was on the plane i had my bag underneath the seat and when we were getting off my bag fell and i just picked it up and got off the plane. My camera must have fallen out under the seat and i never noticed!!!!Ahhh so i started to freak out! =( I tried going to lost and found but it was already closed so Armando stayed in Mexico City and is going back to the airport to find my camera (CROSS MY FINGERS THAT ITS THERE) i will be so heart broken if its not. So then after that chaos we loaded up the buses in Mexico City and rode for 7hours with a hour break to Leon Mexico! We arrived around 6am and when we got out of the buses we all went inside to this HUGE room and layed on the ground and fell asleep for three more hours! We were So Exhausted!!! It was freezing and everyone was cuddled up with chair coveres that were laying on the ground. it was HILARIOUS! Thank god i had my own pillow and blankie So i was good to go! Emil Shared my pillow and we were out like lights! We got up around 930, got ready and i went and washed up in the bathroom. We were at a college and i walked around a mess and everyone was curious watching us! Haha. Then we had a huge welcoming from the University. There were dancers that perfomed and some people that talked. It was so much fun getting to see a whole new culture! Then for lunch we ate outside with some mexicans and then all of a sudden we heard music and it was Mariachies!!!!! Haha, so cool! we danced and sang with them forever! it was a blast! We then had a cast meeting and waited for our host families. I was extremely nervous because i was worried about getting a host family that didnt speak any english. And 80% of the cast didnt have roommates so i was quite nervous! But i found out that i was rooming with Nao from Japan! she is AWESOME! i love her so much, and then we found our host family (the code word was musician, and they were holding a violin) The lady waitng for us wasnt our host mom though, it was the sister of her. So we met all of the family! And my host family is a mom, two girls ages 12 and 6!!! They hardly speak ANY ENGLISH! So it was funny we had to laugh because i took out a piece of paper that had a ton of phrases in english and spanish... We then went to the grandmas house to have dinner. We ate Sopas with beans and cheese and chili. It was so good!!!!!!!! We talked to them as much as we could then came home. It rained so much all day so it was so wet outside!!! Like flood status! haha. but earlier today my shoulders got burned because it was so hot. So the weather was funny today. Usually its really hot. I live in a cute little casita with the girls. Im staying in the bunk beds with Nao. The little girl is adorable she speaks spanish to me and i try to figure out what shes saying. The Mom has such a huge heart and is so giving! And Jemena the oldest daughter is so smart!!!!!!!!!!! She learns some english and Japanese and french! Shes awesome! I love them all so much! I cant wait to see what the week brings! As for now, i better get some REAL sleep in an Actual BED! NightyNight!

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